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Sharon Hills works with its agents and clients around the globe to design, manufacture and markets many products worldwide under Private label, Control label and generic labels. We offer a complete range of diapers.

Whether you are looking for a Private Label Diapers, Generic Diapers, Fancy Diapers, Economy Diapers, Premium Diapers, Bulk Diapers, Irregular Diapers, or Adult Diapers we can provide you with the right type at the right price.

Our nappies have NEW WETNESS INDICATOR technology-three yellow lines turn green when the nappy is wet.

We use the highest quality raw materials available to construct kidsyards baby diapers/pullups,darvishsmile Diapers/pullups/baby wipes and darvishcare sanitary napkins/panty liners.

Mom's just love our diapers! We offer a high quality diaper to a price conscious segment of the marketplace. Time and time again Mothers who CAN afford the pricier products purchase our products. Sharon Hills Diapers are manufactured using the most technological advanced equipment to date,our production facility is ISO 9001 Quality Certified.

Factory Direct sales to companies across the globe.

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